Where's Andrew - Festive Special

by Andrew Lees, on grudnia 16, 2022

'Where's Andrew' is back with friends and a special guest!

We’re excited to be back with a bumper festive edition of the “Where’s Andrew” Puzzle! 
To celebrate this special time of year, Andrew returns with his friends: Brian, and Sandy Gravel alongside new characters Jonny Geogrid and Madam Tensar who are loosely based on real life members of the Tensar team.

Andrew Lees signs off 2022 with Season's Greetings message


Andrew is also joined by his special guest “Molly in Construction” who already appears in her own children’s book which is aimed at raising awareness of the exciting opportunities that the world of construction has to offer! Molly in Construction is available here on Amazon

Download the puzzle and see if you can find Andrew and his friends as they travel around a variety of construction drawings which include key Tensar solutions such as temporary and permanent works, working platforms, steep slopes and more. The highways, housing, rail and renewables construction sites look busy in the lead up to the festive period so you will need to look hard for them amongst all the other people! 

We hope you enjoy challenging family and friends with this festive special which is suitable for all ages. The Tensar Ground Coffee blog will return with more great content in the new year. In the meantime, if you have any feedback or suggestions for our blog please send them our way to info@tensar.co.uk.

Season’s Greetings from Andrew, friends and all at Tensar!